We are uplifted every day by smart, devoted leaders who have a shared passion for the future of Judaism

Listening, strategizing, and supporting

Our philanthropic priorities and partnerships have a common thread – it’s to bring people together, to be inspired by the best and brightest minds, and to focus on similarities more than differences, to advance our mission.

Fostering ideas, amplifying voices, and inspiring future generations

We support and invest in innovative, high performing organizations, programs and partnerships that make traditional Judaism relevant, accessible, and meaningful to contemporary Jews.

Our Philanthropic Focus Areas

Jewish Day

Modern Orthodoxy

The beauty of modern orthodoxy is the synthesis of tradition with the best of modernity. Modern orthodoxy invites us into a covenantal relationship or partnership with G-d which challenges us to take active responsibility for improving the world. We invest in organizations that share this philosophy.

Orthodox Women’s Leadership

Maximizing women’s leadership within our Orthodox community enriches our Jewish world, and we devote funds to select organizations and programs that champion women’s halachic and leadership roles.

Tikkun Olam

A core teaching of covenantal Judaism is to repair our world, so we support select organizations that address concerns such as climate change and poverty.

Jewish Day Schools

Jewish Day schools are the most effective way to transmit Jewish knowledge and values to our next generation. It’s why we invest in education nationally and within our local community.

Israel Advocacy

Israel is at the center of Jewish life and identity, and we contribute to select organizations that are dedicated to strengthening America’s relationship with Israel.

Jewish Community Partnerships

As our tradition teaches us, Jewish people are all responsible for each other. It’s why we contribute to select national and local Jewish communal organizations that serve the entire Jewish community.

Photo Credit: Jewish Life Photo Bank, Warren Burstein